Welcome to Learn, Build, Teach

The intention of Learn, Build, Teach is to encourage everyone to practice life-long learning. For me, learning a new skill and making it work is extremely rewarding. As an educator, I want everyone to have that feeling.

I became an educator because I love the thrill of putting a new skill to use and I enjoy others experiencing that same feeling. As a child, I spent hours reading books and trying apply what I read. I had a healthy collection of building sets, Robotix being my favorite. This enthusiasm for learning has carried through my “alleged” adulthood, but my opportunities to indulge has waned as my professional and family obligations increase. To create more opportunities, I am starting a blog to share some new adventures in learning.

The title Learn, Build, Teach comes from the steps that lead to mastery of a new topic. To become proficient in a skill starts with learning the required information, but it does not stop there. Extending and applying the material is a good second step is proficiency, as you get feedback from the projects you attempt and find gaps in your understanding. For me, the application of new skills involves building somethings. The final step is teaching the new skill because you see the skill from another person’s point of view. Students are good at asking questions from a perspective you never considered.

Moving forward, I plan to write about projects that involve me learning new abilities and knowledge. My intention is to write about both the subjects I learn and the process of learning. I hope you are able to partake in my enterprises and share your own exploits in learning with the world.


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