Learning Project: Writing a Book

It is finals week at my college. The busyness of the semester is mostly over. The days are shorter. Now is the perfect time for reflection and looking forward to the new year. After some thought I have decided to start a new project with the goal of finishing by June. The task is writing a book.

During my most recent bout of introspection, I have realized that I am drifting away from my original purpose for starting this blog. The intention was to do projects to learn new skills and present the results, with the goal was to inspire others to learn and share in kind. After rereading the original few posts, I realized I was writing about myself more than I should.

Starting a new project is designed to make my writing here more useful for others. Since I was planning on writing a book related to my teaching, it makes sense to write about the process of writing here. Writing a book is a massive learning project, as I was never much of a writer. I have often described the relationship with my English teachers as “mutually traumatic”.

The motivation for writing a book came from my recent work on problems from “The Riddler“. In the process of working on some of the solutions, I realized that my students could benefit from some of the techniques I used. Also, watching my children going through high school math, I see that my students learned in a more technologically advanced setting than I did. From my initial searches, I could not find a book on the subject, so I decided to write it myself.

Over the next few months, I plan on sharing my progress on the book. I will not be sharing details on the book contents. I will be explaining my process as well as the lessons I learn and resources I use.


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